Trekabout Episode 301: Star Trek: Voyager, The Disease/Course: Oblivion

Harry Kim falls in love, with disastrous consequences, in “The Disease”, and the crew of Voyager try to get home to the Alpha Quadrant, with disastrous consequences, in “Course: Oblivion”. iTunes Google Play RSS


Trekabout Episode 300: Star Trek: Voyager, Dark Frontier

On this record-setting 300th episode of Trekabout, we talk about the double-sized Borg extravaganza “Dark Frontier”, which basically remakes Star Trek: First Contact. Plus! A bonus dicussion about Brannon Braga. iTunes Google Play RSS


Trekabout Episode 298: Star Trek: Voyager, Latent Image/Bride of Chaotica!

The Doctor discovers that, assurances to the contrary, Janeway still doesn’t respect him, in “Latent Image”, and no one respects Chaotica, in “Bride of Chaotica!” iTunes Google Play RSS


Trekabout Episode 296: Star Trek: Voyager, Infinite Regress/Nothing Human

Seven of Nine deals with some new guests in “Infinite Regress” and the Doctor deals with a new guest in “Nothing Human”. Plus! Richard is still not a Trekkie. iTunes Google Play RSS

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Trekabout Episode 295: Star Trek: Voyager, Once Upon a Time/Timeless

Neelix and Naomi (the two Ns, it’s going to be a thing, make it happen) have adventures in “Once Upon a Time”, and Chakotay and Kim (the two hard Cs) have adventures in “Timeless”. iTunes Google Play RSS


Trekabout Episode 293: Star Trek: Voyager, Night/Drone

Welcome to the Brannon Braga era of Star Trek! We begin with “Night”, an interesting environmental allegory. Then we go into “Drone”, a retread of “I, Borg” that tries its best to differentiate itself but only sort of succeeds. iTunes Google Play RSS