Trekabout Episode 323: Star Trek: Picard, Season 1

The first season of Star Trek: Picard is over, and what better way to celebrate it than for Eric and Richard to sit down and discuss what they thought of it? Plus! A bonus discussion of Jewish mysticism. Yes, this is indeed an episode of Trekabout.   iTunesGoogle PlayRSS


Trekabout Patron Special 33: The Return of Picard

On this patron special, we sat down to discuss the then-breaking news that Patrick Stewart would return to play Jean-Luc Picard. (First released September 2018.) iTunesGoogle PlayRSS


Trekabout Patron Special 31: JFK

Richard managed to talk Eric into covering the 1991 film Oliver Stone film JFK. (First released July 2018.) What happened to the 30th patron special, you may ask? The finished episode has somehow been lost. We still have the raw audio, but Eric is too lazy to reedit it. Every great work of art has …


Trekabout Patron Special 28: Differences between 23rd and 24th Century Federation

In this “high concept” patron special we sat down to interrogate what makes the Federation of TOS and the Federation of the 24th Century different. (First released April 2018.) iTunesGoogle PlayRSS


Trekabout Patron Special 26: Blade Runner

In this extra-special patron episode, we sit down to discuss Blade Runner, which as of November 2019, now officially takes place in the past. (First released February 2018.) iTunesGoogle PlayRSS