Trekabout Episode 320: Star Trek: Voyager, Drive/Repression

The Delta Flyer makes its triumphant reappearance in “Drive”, and then in “Repression”, the Maquis plotline makes its… triumphant reappearance? Also! Make sure to read our announcement today about the future of Trekabout. iTunes Google Play RSS


Trekabout Episode 308: Star Trek: Voyager, Alice/Riddles

Tom Paris once again becomes creepily obsessed with an inanimate object, in “Alice”, and Neelix becomes obsessed with helping Tuvok, in, “Riddles”. Also! Trekabout is taking the next two weeks off. Our next episode will be released on August 14 (14 August for those of you in the correct parts of the world.) iTunes Google …


Trekabout Episode 284: Year of Hell, Part II/Random Thoughts

“Year of Hell, Part II” does a pretty good job of wrapping up the two-parter, and hey, if you’re going to use the reset button, may as well make it as literal as possible. Then, in “Random Thoughts”, Torres punches a guy. iTunes Google Play RSS


Trekabout Episode 279: Worst Case Scenario/Scorpion

We say farewell to Star Trek: Voyager’s third season, as Star Trek: Voyager says farewell to itself, in “Worst Case Scenario”, and says hello to the Borg, in “Scorpion”. Also! Is Richard too easy on Voyager? iTunes Google Play RSS


Trekabout Episode 276: Rise/Favorite Son

Tuvok and Neelix get trapped in a small room and must face their demons together, in “Rise”. Harry Kim gets trapped on a planet and must face some demons, in “Favorite Son”. Plus! Richard really thought that Jeri Taylor left after the third season. iTunes Google Play RSS


Trekabout Episode 273: Fair Trade/Alter Ego

We return to Star Trek: Voyager with a pair of pretty good episodes! “Fair Trade” brings us a panicked Neelix who makes some questionable decisions. “Alter Ego” brings us a panicked Harry Kim who makes some questionable decisions. Happy to have you back, guys! iTunes Google Play RSS


Trekabout Episode 259: Basics, Part II/Flashback

Welcome to the third season of Star Trek: Voyager! Michael Piller has stepped down and Jeri Taylor has all these great ideas for the show, we assume. So why the hell did we have to suffer through “Basics, Part II” and “Flashback”? iTunes Google Play RSS


Trekabout Episode 256: Deadlock/Innocence

The USS Voyager gets duplicated for let’s say the seventeenth time in “Deadlock”. Then, in “Innocence”, Tuvok gets marooned on a planet with a group of children. These plot summaries haven’t been very promising, Star Trek: Voyager. iTunes Google Play RSS