Trekabout Patron Special 2: Lwaxana Troi

This week’s EFKAPS (episode formerly known as patron special) comes to you from February 2016 and is only more relevant with time, as we talk about Lwaxana Troi and why she’s actually a good character. We hope you enjoy! iTunesGoogle PlayRSS


Trekabout Episode 194: The Muse/For the Cause

Whether you like Lwaxana Troi or not, she’s been a recurring character in Star Trek for many years, and deserves a better send-off than “The Muse” gives her. Later, in “For the Cause”, another recurring character gets a very unexpected send-off. iTunes Google Play RSS


Trekabout Episode 175: Defiant/Fascination

Welcome to TNG week on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine! First up, Riker guest stars in the imaginatively titled “Defiant”. Then, in “Fascination”, Lwaxana Troi makes her second trip to space station Deep Space Nine. iTunes Google Play RSS


Trekabout Episode 156: The Forsaken/Dramatis Personae

After the debacle of “Q-Less”, you can forgive Richard for being skeptical about a DS9 episode featuring Lwaxana Troi, but “The Forsaken” is surprisingly touching. Later, in “Dramatis Personae”, something happens, but we don’t know what, because we fell asleep. Also! What is Barclay up to? iTunes Google Play RSS


Trekabout Episode 137: Dark Page/Attached

Oh, Lwaxana Troi. You’ve been a sitcom caricature. You’ve been a hilarious horny old lady stereotype. You’ve been a sad and lonely character used to examine issues of elder abuse and the pain of aging. Luckily, “Dark Page” is in that last vein and, say, “Cost of Living”. Later, in “Attached”, Dr. Crusher and Picard get …


Trekabout Episode 117: The First Duty/Cost of Living

It’s Annoying Guest Star Week on Star Trek: The Next Generation! First up, “The First Duty”, in which Picard has to yell at Wesley Crusher until he agrees to stop lying about murdering someone. Later, in “Cost of Living”, Lwaxana Troi decides to show Alexander how to loosen up and have fun and oh my god …