Trekabout Episode 323: Star Trek: Picard, Season 1

The first season of Star Trek: Picard is over, and what better way to celebrate it than for Eric and Richard to sit down and discuss what they thought of it? Plus! A bonus discussion of Jewish mysticism. Yes, this is indeed an episode of Trekabout.   iTunesGoogle PlayRSS


Trekabout Episode 310: Star Trek: Voyager, The Voyager Conspiracy/Pathfinder

In “The Voyager Conspiracy”, Seven of Nine creates her own narrative about the crew on Voyager. In “Pathfinder”, Reginald Barclay creates his own narrative about the crew on Voyager. Plus! How great is it to see Troi again? iTunes Google Play RSS


Trekabout Episode 197: Star Trek: First Contact

Hey, it’s time to check in with our old friends from Star Trek: The Next Generation! Watch Picard as he freaks out over the Borg for some reason! Watch Zefram Cochrane as he invents warp drive with no materials or staff in the middle of a mining camp in post-war Montana! Listen as Trekabout’s affection for …


Trekabout Episode 142: Masks/Eye of the Beholder

“Masks” is an episode which proves that we were not going to escape TNG without one last opportunity for Brent Spiner to ham it up. “Eye of the Beholder” proves that we were not going to escape TNG without one last opportunity to see the start of a weirdly inert romantic relationship. Plus! Masaka is annoying. …


Trekabout Episode 139: Parallels/The Pegasus

Have you ever wanted to see the road not traveled? Worf gets to, in “Parallels”, and the Federation is overrun by the Borg. Have you ever wondered why Starfleet doesn’t use cloaking technology? Well, we find out in “The Pegasus”. Plus! Where is Alexander? iTunes Google Play RSS


Trekabout Episode 137: Dark Page/Attached

Oh, Lwaxana Troi. You’ve been a sitcom caricature. You’ve been a hilarious horny old lady stereotype. You’ve been a sad and lonely character used to examine issues of elder abuse and the pain of aging. Luckily, “Dark Page” is in that last vein and, say, “Cost of Living”. Later, in “Attached”, Dr. Crusher and Picard get …


Trekabout Episode 127: Aquiel/Face of the Enemy

Hey, remember Geordi and Troi? Yeah, us either. But TNG does, as they give us a murder mystery starring Geordi, “Aquiel”, and a… murder mystery starring Troi, “Face of the Enemy”? Huh. Also! Why doesn’t Star Trek feature dogs more? iTunes Google Play RSS


Trekabout Episode 122: Man of the People/Relics

Characters prematurely aging has been a staple of Star Trek since The Original Series, but it’s never been quite as campy as in “Man of the People”. Later, in “Relics”, the postmaturely aging Scotty makes a surprise guest appearance. Also! Is it finally time to call Richard a Trekkie? iTunes Google Play RSS


Trekabout Episode 114: The Masterpiece Society/Conundrum

An allegorical story in which the perfect people get hoisted by their own petard? No, we’re not talking about the results of this week’s midterm elections: it’s “The Masterpiece Society”, which is actually quite a good episode and we will not hear any dissenting opinions on that. Then it’s “Conundrum”, which is not in fact about Eric’s …


Trekabout Episode 100: Data’s Day/The Wounded

Trekabout boldly goes where, well, a lot of podcasts have gone before, by reaching its 100th episode! But Eric Brasure and Richard Goodness keep the celebrations to a minimum, as Richard is very excited to discuss “Data’s Day” and Eric is very excited to discuss “The Wounded”. Plus! They’re trying to make O’Brien happen. Will they succeed? iTunes Google …