Trekabout Patron Special 3: Star Trek: New Voyages, In Harm’s Way

Fan films have been a long part of Trek history, and in this episode, first released in March 2016, we sat down to discuss the first (second?) episode of Star Trek: New Voyages, “In Harm’s Way”. iTunesGoogle PlayRSS


Trekabout Patron Special 2: Lwaxana Troi

This week’s EFKAPS (episode formerly known as patron special) comes to you from February 2016 and is only more relevant with time, as we talk about Lwaxana Troi and why she’s actually a good character. We hope you enjoy! iTunesGoogle PlayRSS


Trekabout Patron Special 1: The Alternative Factor v. Spock’s Brain

Thought you were done with us, eh? As a special treat to everyone, we’ve decided to release our patron-only episodes to the whole world! Some of these are quite old, some of the content may be out-of-date, and they’re a bit “looser” than our regular episodes–but we still think you’ll get a kick out of …

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Trekabout Episode 322: Star Trek: Nemesis

We’ve reached the end of 24th Century Trek and the end of Trekabout, as we dive into the flawed Star Trek: Nemesis. Thank you everyone for your support over the past 6 years. You made this worthwhile. Live long and prosper.  iTunesGoogle PlayRSS


Trekabout Episode 321: Star Trek: Voyager, Endgame

Trekabout skips about 23 episodes into the future, just as it took the USS Voyager 23 years to get home, to discuss the Star Trek: Voyager series finale “Endgame” in the penultimate episode of Trekabout. Plus! What does Richard think about cricket flour snacks? iTunes Google Play RSS


Trekabout Episode 320: Star Trek: Voyager, Drive/Repression

The Delta Flyer makes its triumphant reappearance in “Drive”, and then in “Repression”, the Maquis plotline makes its… triumphant reappearance? Also! Make sure to read our announcement today about the future of Trekabout. iTunes Google Play RSS


Trekabout Episode 319: Star Trek: Voyager, Unimatrix Zero, Part II/Imperfection

The Borg revolution starts in “Unimatrix Zero, Part II”. Then, in “Imperfection”, we say goodbye to 3 of the 5 Borg children. Wait, what happened to the baby?? iTunes Google Play RSS


Trekabout Episode 318: Star Trek: Voyager, The Haunting of Deck Twelve/Unimatrix Zero

Neelix tells a ghost story to the Borg children in “The Haunting of Deck Twelve”, and in “Unimatrix Zero”, Seven experiences vivid dreams of an idyllic place. iTunes Google Play RSS


Trekabout Episode 317: Star Trek: Voyager, Fury/Life Line

This week features the return of an old friend in “Fury”, and the introduction of a new friend in “Line Line”. Plus! Listen for an important announcement about Trekabout. iTunes Google Play RSS