Trekabout Episode 197: Star Trek: First Contact

Hey, it’s time to check in with our old friends from Star Trek: The Next Generation! Watch Picard as he freaks out over the Borg for some reason! Watch Zefram Cochrane as he invents warp drive with no materials or staff in the middle of a mining camp in post-war Montana! Listen as Trekabout’s affection for …


Trekabout Episode 146: All Good Things…

Well, after 89 episodes, Trekabout has reached the end of Star Trek: The Next Generation with “All Good Things…”, which is one of the finest episodes of both the series and the franchise, spanning 30 years and 3 different time periods. Plus! Hosts Eric Brasure and Richard Goodness discuss what Trekabout has meant to them …


Trekabout Episode 145: Emergence/Preemptive Strike

Alright, this is it: the second-to-last episode of Trekabout where we talk about Star Trek: The Next Generation–I bet the writers have got some awesome episodes for us! So, why did they give us “Emergence” and “Preemptive Strike”? Also! Where the hell has Ro Laren been? iTunes Google Play RSS


Trekabout Episode 144: Firstborn/Bloodlines

Alexander is one of the most problematic characters on Star Trek: The Next Generation, so of course we couldn’t leave the show behind without an episode, “Firstborn”, focusing on Alexander travelling back in time to kill himself. Later, in “Bloodlines”, Daimok Bok returns after seven years to harrass Picard some more. Um, TNG? It’s okay to leave …


Trekabout Episode 143: Genesis/Journey’s End

As Trekabout reaches the end of Star Trek: The Next Generation, we are treated to an immaculately silly episode, “Genesis”. Later, in “Journey’s End”, TNG tries to make a sensitive episode about the plight of the Native Americans, which only sort of works. iTunes Google Play RSS

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Trekabout Episode 142: Masks/Eye of the Beholder

“Masks” is an episode which proves that we were not going to escape TNG without one last opportunity for Brent Spiner to ham it up. “Eye of the Beholder” proves that we were not going to escape TNG without one last opportunity to see the start of a weirdly inert romantic relationship. Plus! Masaka is annoying. …


Trekabout Episode 141: Lower Decks/Thine Own Self

“Lower Decks”: the TNG episode that lets us see how everyone else views our main characters, namely: as giant assholes. “Thine Own Self”: the TNG episodes that lets us see everyone surrounding Data as giant assholes. TNG, did you wake up on the wrong side of the nacelle this morning, or what? iTunes Google Play …


Trekabout Episode 140: Homeward/Sub Rosa

It’s Long Lost Relative That We’ve Only Ever Had Cursory Mentions Of Week on Trekabout! First up, it’s “Homeward”, which provides us Worf’s human brother in a Very Special Episode about love. Later, in “Sub Rosa”, Dr. Crusher’s dead grandmother’s ghost lover stalks and assaults her. We wish we were kidding. iTunes Google Play RSS


Trekabout Episode 139: Parallels/The Pegasus

Have you ever wanted to see the road not traveled? Worf gets to, in “Parallels”, and the Federation is overrun by the Borg. Have you ever wondered why Starfleet doesn’t use cloaking technology? Well, we find out in “The Pegasus”. Plus! Where is Alexander? iTunes Google Play RSS