Trekabout Episode 310: Star Trek: Voyager, The Voyager Conspiracy/Pathfinder

In “The Voyager Conspiracy”, Seven of Nine creates her own narrative about the crew on Voyager. In “Pathfinder”, Reginald Barclay creates his own narrative about the crew on Voyager. Plus! How great is it to see Troi again? iTunes Google Play RSS


Trekabout Episode 121: Time’s Arrow Part II/Realm of Fear

Look, TNG? We need to have a talk. Just because you did one game-changing, critically-acclaimed, ratings-busting season-ending cliffhanger doesn’t mean you need to keep doing them. “Time’s Arrow, Part II”, is, somehow, worse than the first part and is basically a complete waste of everyone’s time. Later, in “Realm of Fear”, Barclay is back with yet …


Trekabout Episode 104: The Nth Degree/Qpid

Hey, look everyone! It’s Barclay! He was so beloved in his first appearance that they brought him back for “The Nth Degree”! Aren’t we all excited? Oh, it must be reunion week on Trekabout, because Q is back too! And “Qpid” is such a delight! Seriously, we’re just tired. Why are you doing this to us. Haven’t we …


Trekabout Episode 92: Hollow Pursuits/The Most Toys

Star Trek: The Next Generation goes dark this week. In “Hollow Pursuits”, the flip side of the “all hugging” crew is revealed, while in “The Most Toys”, Data decides that sometimes murder is justified. It’s a good thing the Enterprise-D has such a capable counselor! iTunes Google Play RSS