Trekabout Episode 128: Tapestry/Birthright, Part I

Star Trek: The Next Generation gives us our 34th Q episode this season, “Tapestry”, and Q is effectively and non-annoyingly used. Later, in “Birthright, Part I”, the show decides to make up for that by making Worf annoying. Also! Eric gives an impassioned plea for remastering Star Trek: Deep Space Nine in high definition. iTunes Google …


Trekabout Episode 123: Schisms/True Q

If there’s one thing that Star Trek believes in, it’s the inherent decency of all life, which is what makes “Schisms” such an interesting departure for The Next Generation. Later, in “True Q”, the crew deals with another lifeform without any inherent decency: Q. Plus! Eric is not a Nazi sympathizer. iTunes Google Play RSS


Trekabout Episode 104: The Nth Degree/Qpid

Hey, look everyone! It’s Barclay! He was so beloved in his first appearance that they brought him back for “The Nth Degree”! Aren’t we all excited? Oh, it must be reunion week on Trekabout, because Q is back too! And “Qpid” is such a delight! Seriously, we’re just tired. Why are you doing this to us. Haven’t we …


Trekabout Episode 88: Deja Q/A Matter of Perspective

Oh boy, Q is back, and Richard Goodness and Eric Brasure are both so excited. While Richard is busy coming up with alternate titles for “Deja Q” (top candidate: “Oh, the Qmanity!”), Eric talks about how after this episode, Q really has diminishing returns. Meanwhile, in “A Matter of Perspective”, TNG does Rashomon. Plus! Eric …


Trekabout Episode 78: Pen Pals/Q Who

It’s official: Richard Goodness gets really excited whenever “Written by Melinda D. Snodgrass” appears on his television. And “Pen Pals” is pretty good, what with all the interpersonal angst and Prime Directive drama. It’s not as good as “Q Who”, but that’s a tall order, so we’ll let it slide. Also! Richard thinks the Borg …


Trekabout Episode 62: The Battle/Hide and Q

This week’s Trekabout finds us learning new things about our intrepid adventurers. In “The Battle”, we learn that Picard might be going senile because he doesn’t remember inventing a starship maneuver so famous it’s taught in Starfleet Academy. Later, in “Hide and Q”, we get to discover that Geordi is attracted to Wesley Crusher. Plus! …