Trekabout Presents Return of the Jedi

As a wrap-up to one the original blockbuster trilogies, Return of the Jedi is pretty satisfying. As a movie, though? It’s… uneven. But hey, Ewoks are cute and awesome, and doesn’t that count for something? Welcome to Trekabout Presents Return of the Jedi. iTunes RSS


Trekabout Presents The Empire Strikes Back

Quick! How do you follow up the unexpected blockbuster success of your homage to the sci-fi adventure serials of your childhood? Turn over a large portion of the creative control to other people and produce a markedly more mature and dark sequel? That’s a weird answer. Welcome to Trekabout Presents The Empire Strikes Back. iTunes …

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Trekabout Presents Star Wars

Because Eric Brasure and Richard Goodness needed more to do, we’re excited to present the first episode of what hopefully is a well-received and long-lasting new semi-regular podcast spinoff series, Trekabout Presents. In this episode, they begin a 7-episode look at the Star Wars juggernaut by diving into the original 1977 version of Star Wars. What works …