Trekabout Episode 197: Star Trek: First Contact

Hey, it’s time to check in with our old friends from Star Trek: The Next Generation! Watch Picard as he freaks out over the Borg for some reason! Watch Zefram Cochrane as he invents warp drive with no materials or staff in the middle of a mining camp in post-war Montana! Listen as Trekabout’s affection for …


Trekabout Episode 140: Homeward/Sub Rosa

It’s Long Lost Relative That We’ve Only Ever Had Cursory Mentions Of Week on Trekabout! First up, it’s “Homeward”, which provides us Worf’s human brother in a Very Special Episode about love. Later, in “Sub Rosa”, Dr. Crusher’s dead grandmother’s ghost lover stalks and assaults her. We wish we were kidding. iTunes Google Play RSS


Trekabout Episode 137: Dark Page/Attached

Oh, Lwaxana Troi. You’ve been a sitcom caricature. You’ve been a hilarious horny old lady stereotype. You’ve been a sad and lonely character used to examine issues of elder abuse and the pain of aging. Luckily, “Dark Page” is in that last vein and, say, “Cost of Living”. Later, in “Attached”, Dr. Crusher and Picard get …


Trekabout Episode 131: Frame of Mind/Suspicions

Brannon Braga may get a bad rap amongst Trekkies, but “Frame of Mind” demonstrates that he could fire on all cylinders. Meanwhile,  Dr. Crusher tries to solve a mystery in “Suspicions”. TNG may be getting long in the tooth, but it’s still able to pull out all the stops from time to time. iTunes Google Play …


Trekabout Episode 106: The Host/The Mind’s Eye

Dr. Crusher finally gets another episode, “The Host”, but unfortunately it’s yet another female character-centered episode that’s basically about her fucking. Later, in “The Mind’s Eye”, Geordi’s virgin-streak continues, as his trip to Risa is canceled by Romulans. iTunes Google Play RSS


Trekabout Episode 97: Remember Me/Legacy

Doctor Crusher learns how it feels to be abandoned by everyone she cares about, in “Remember Me”, and Tasha Yar’s sister learns how it feels to be reminded that her sister abandoned her, in “Legacy”. Is it just us, or is TNG getting kind of… depressing? iTunes Google Play RSS

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Trekabout Episode 94: Transfigurations/The Best of Both Worlds

Richard Goodness is a bit nonplussed this week, as “Transfigurations” features the return of his old enemy, the energy being. It’s not all bad though, because “The Best of Both Worlds” exists. Plus! Richard wants to meet Tuvok. iTunes Google Play RSS


Trekabout Episode 87: The Hunted/The High Ground

We’re almost halfway through the third season of TNG, and it’s time to realize something: the show can have a “meh” episode that’s still pretty good, as “The Hunted” proves. Later, in “The High Ground”, TNG does space Ireland again, but this time, they don’t blow it. Crap. Bad choice of words. iTunes Google Play …


Trekabout Special 2: Trekkie Feminist

Progressive ideals bumping up against the realities of contemporary mores? Why, we must be talking feminism in Trek with Jarrah Hodge, founder of Trekkie Feminist! Star Trek has always had a… problematic relationship with feminism and with its female characters, and we talk about that tension for a solid hour. Plus! Which Uhura is better …