Trekabout Episode 197: Star Trek: First Contact

Hey, it’s time to check in with our old friends from Star Trek: The Next Generation! Watch Picard as he freaks out over the Borg for some reason! Watch Zefram Cochrane as he invents warp drive with no materials or staff in the middle of a mining camp in post-war Montana! Listen as Trekabout’s affection for …


Trekabout Episode 139: Parallels/The Pegasus

Have you ever wanted to see the road not traveled? Worf gets to, in “Parallels”, and the Federation is overrun by the Borg. Have you ever wondered why Starfleet doesn’t use cloaking technology? Well, we find out in “The Pegasus”. Plus! Where is Alexander? iTunes Google Play RSS


Trekabout Episode 131: Frame of Mind/Suspicions

Brannon Braga may get a bad rap amongst Trekkies, but “Frame of Mind” demonstrates that he could fire on all cylinders. Meanwhile,  Dr. Crusher tries to solve a mystery in “Suspicions”. TNG may be getting long in the tooth, but it’s still able to pull out all the stops from time to time. iTunes Google Play …


Trekabout Episode 88: Deja Q/A Matter of Perspective

Oh boy, Q is back, and Richard Goodness and Eric Brasure are both so excited. While Richard is busy coming up with alternate titles for “Deja Q” (top candidate: “Oh, the Qmanity!”), Eric talks about how after this episode, Q really has diminishing returns. Meanwhile, in “A Matter of Perspective”, TNG does Rashomon. Plus! Eric …


Trekabout Episode 86: The Vengeance Factor/The Defector

Hey, did you know that it’s not a great idea to fall in love with a hundred-year-old woman who has sworn to finish a genocide? Riker finds that out in “The Vengeance Factor”. Hey, did you know that you shouldn’t trust Romulans bearing intelligence? Well, Picard finds that out in “The Defector”. iTunes Google Play …


Trekabout Episode 77: Time Squared/The Icarus Factor

If you ever wondered what would happen if the writing staff of TNG completely forgot the entirety of Picard’s characterization and made him into a milquetoast, you’re in luck, because “Time Squared” does that very thing. Later, the cast of Thirtysomething drops by for an episode, to help Riker deal with his daddy issues, in …


Trekabout Episode 74: Unnatural Selection/A Matter of Honor

So after giving us ten episodes of character work which made us despise Doctor Pulaski, TNG suddenly decides to give us “Unnatural Selection”, a quiet character episode about Pulaski’s unease with her duties. Meanwhile, in “A Matter of Honor”, Riker decides to take on some new duties. And possibly fuck a Klingon lady. Two good …