Trekabout Episode 212: Sons and Daughters/Behind the Lines

Hey, remember Worf’s son Alexander? Well, he’s back, and it’s not terrible, sort of! Hey, remember the Bajoran resistance? Well, it’s back and it’s not terrible! Also! Worf is still a shitty father. iTunes Google Play RSS


Trekabout Episode 144: Firstborn/Bloodlines

Alexander is one of the most problematic characters on Star Trek: The Next Generation, so of course we couldn’t leave the show behind without an episode, “Firstborn”, focusing on Alexander travelling back in time to kill himself. Later, in “Bloodlines”, Daimok Bok returns after seven years to harrass Picard some more. Um, TNG? It’s okay to leave …


Trekabout Episode 117: The First Duty/Cost of Living

It’s Annoying Guest Star Week on Star Trek: The Next Generation! First up, “The First Duty”, in which Picard has to yell at Wesley Crusher until he agrees to stop lying about murdering someone. Later, in “Cost of Living”, Lwaxana Troi decides to show Alexander how to loosen up and have fun and oh my god …