Trekabout Episode 143: Genesis/Journey’s End

As Trekabout reaches the end of Star Trek: The Next Generation, we are treated to an immaculately silly episode, “Genesis”. Later, in “Journey’s End”, TNG tries to make a sensitive episode about the plight of the Native Americans, which only sort of works. iTunes Google Play RSS

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Trekabout Episode 117: The First Duty/Cost of Living

It’s Annoying Guest Star Week on Star Trek: The Next Generation! First up, “The First Duty”, in which Picard has to yell at Wesley Crusher until he agrees to stop lying about murdering someone. Later, in “Cost of Living”, Lwaxana Troi decides to show Alexander how to loosen up and have fun and oh my god …


Trekabout Episode 110: Disaster/The Game

This week, we’ve replaced Star Trek: The Next Generation with The Poseidon Adventure and Invasion of the Body Snatchers. In “Disaster”, watch the crew of the Enterprise-D try to escape from a space tsunami! In “The Game”, watch Wesley Crusher and Ensign Lefler struggle to avoid being turned into brainwashed pod people! In Trekabout episode …


Trekabout Episode 82: Evolution/The Ensigns of Command

Holy Toledo, the third season, and first good season, of TNG starts off with… a Wesley episode? Is this a sick joke? Okay, “Evolution” isn’t terrible, but it’s nowhere near as good as “The Ensigns of Command”. Also! Richard really, really, really misses Doctor Pulaski. iTunes Google Play RSS


Trekabout Episode 75: The Measure of a Man/The Dauphin

Oh my god, do The Crappy Years (TM) of Star Trek: The Next Generation ever, ever end? This week, we’re faced with “The Measure of a Man”, which… oh. Oh thank Jesus. It’s actually good. Then, we talk about “The Dauphin”, which… oh come on, TNG. You can’t give us “The Measure of a Man” …


Trekabout Episode 67: Coming of Age/Heart of Glory

This week, we’re all about existential threats to galactic civilizations. In “Coming of Age”, a Starfleet admiral appears to berate the Enterprise crew because conspiracy. Meanwhile, in “Heart of Glory”, some dicky Klingons want the freedom to murder some people because warrior race. It’s really a shame that Wesley failed the Starfleet Academy entrance exam, …


Trekabout Episode 66: When the Bough Breaks/Home Soil

Our episodes this week are all about strange lifeforms that are hard to understand. “When the Bough Breaks” features an alien planet full of kidnappers who decide they really need a few bad child actors and Wesley Crusher. Meanwhile, “Home Soil” features the Federation discovering that silicon-based life exists. Wait a second. Also! Data’s penis …


Trekabout Episode 61: Lonely Among Us/Justice

Hi everyone, Acting Ensign Wesley Crusher here! Well gee, Eric Brasure and Richard Goodness let me write the recap for this week’s episode of Trekabout and I’m so goshdarn excited! Let’s see… in “Lonely Among Us”, some mean alien thing takes over Captain’s Picard’s body while some other mean alien things try to eat each …