Trekabout Episode 64: Datalore/Angel One

Star Trek loves itself some duology, and The Next Generation is no exception. In “Datalore”, Eric Brasure and Richard Goodness discover that Data has a “brother”, and, well… he’s kind of a dick. In “Angel One”, we discover that women in power are kind of dicks. Plus! Data has a dick. Oh boy, does Data …


Trekabout Episode 63: Haven/The Big Goodbye

Star Trek: The Next Generation starts getting a little philosophical this week, as our main characters encounter computer-generated people that question their own personhood. No, we’re not talking about Lwaxana Troi in “Haven”, we’re talking about “The Big Goodbye”, but we can understand why you might think that. Let’s just not talk about “Haven”, okay? …


Trekabout Episode 62: The Battle/Hide and Q

This week’s Trekabout finds us learning new things about our intrepid adventurers. In “The Battle”, we learn that Picard might be going senile because he doesn’t remember inventing a starship maneuver so famous it’s taught in Starfleet Academy. Later, in “Hide and Q”, we get to discover that Geordi is attracted to Wesley Crusher. Plus! …


Trekabout Episode 61: Lonely Among Us/Justice

Hi everyone, Acting Ensign Wesley Crusher here! Well gee, Eric Brasure and Richard Goodness let me write the recap for this week’s episode of Trekabout and I’m so goshdarn excited! Let’s see… in “Lonely Among Us”, some mean alien thing takes over Captain’s Picard’s body while some other mean alien things try to eat each …


Trekabout Episode 60: The Last Outpost/Where No One Has Gone Before

Eric Brasure and Richard Goodness are not having a good week. “The Last Outpost” reveals the new Star Trek threat, and it’s… the Ferengi. So they talk about the Prime Directive instead. Later, in “Where No One Has Gone Before”, Picard’s past as a momma’s boy, and Wesley’s future as an asshole, are revealed. Plus! Richard wants a replicator. He hates doing laundry.


Trekabout Episode 59: The Naked Now/Code of Honor

Star Trek: The Next Generation continues to get off to a rocky start by basically remaking two Original Series episodes. “The Naked Now” reveals what the crew of the Enterprise-D secretly desires, and most of it is so boring and/or horrible that it’s never brought up again. Meanwhile, in “Code of Honor”, director Russ Mayberry works out his fear of black people.


Trekabout Episode 58: Encounter at Farpoint

This week, Eric Brasure and Richard Goodness leap ahead into the 24th Century by covering the pilot episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, “Encounter at Farpoint”. How is Picard different from Kirk? How is Data different from Spock? Why are there so many men walking around in miniskirts? Also! How annoying is Q? iTunes …