Trekabout Episode 100: Data’s Day/The Wounded

Trekabout boldly goes where, well, a lot of podcasts have gone before, by reaching its 100th episode! But Eric Brasure and Richard Goodness keep the celebrations to a minimum, as Richard is very excited to discuss “Data’s Day” and Eric is very excited to discuss “The Wounded”. Plus! They’re trying to make O’Brien happen. Will they succeed? iTunes Google …


Trekabout Episode 99: Final Mission/The Loss

There are a couple of TNG characters disliked by most people. One of them, Wesley Crusher, gets a fitting send-off in “Final Mission”, as it’s annoying and wears out it welcome pretty quickly. The other character, Counselor Troi, gets a not-so-fitting character episode with “The Loss”, which continues her characterization as a irrational shrew. It’s too bad Marina Sirtis …