Trekabout Episode 148: Emissary

Welcome to the Federation space station, Deep Space 9, everyone! Here we are in the pilot episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, “Emissary”. Let’s meet Commander Sisko, who hates Captain Picard. Let’s meet Major Kira, who hates Starfleet. Let’s meet Odo, who hates everyone. Let’s remeet Chief O’Brien, who’s just really tired, you guys. So, this …


Trekabout Special 2: Trekkie Feminist

Progressive ideals bumping up against the realities of contemporary mores? Why, we must be talking feminism in Trek with Jarrah Hodge, founder of Trekkie Feminist! Star Trek has always had a… problematic relationship with feminism and with its female characters, and we talk about that tension for a solid hour. Plus! Which Uhura is better …