Trekabout Episode 145: Emergence/Preemptive Strike

Alright, this is it: the second-to-last episode of Trekabout where we talk about Star Trek: The Next Generation–I bet the writers have got some awesome episodes for us! So, why did they give us “Emergence” and “Preemptive Strike”? Also! Where the hell has Ro Laren been? iTunes Google Play RSS


Trekabout Episode 109: Ensign Ro/Silicon Avatar

Some of the smooth polished edges have been worn down in the four years the Enterprise-D has been traveling the stars, but “Ensign Ro”¬†gives us a titular character with a checkered past and a dislike of all our regular characters. Another guest star has a checkered past in “Silicon Avatar”¬†and it’s a giant space-faring crystal. …