Trekabout Episode 107: In Theory/Redemption

Trekabout closes out The Next Generation’s fourth season with a couple of experimental episodes. In “In Theory”, Data experiments with romance, and in “Redemption”, Worf experiments with leaving Starfleet. Plus! Richard is confused by the return of an old crewmember. iTunes Google Play RSS


Trekabout Episode 100: Data’s Day/The Wounded

Trekabout boldly goes where, well, a lot of podcasts have gone before, by reaching its 100th episode! But Eric Brasure and Richard Goodness keep the celebrations to a minimum, as Richard is very excited to discuss “Data’s Day” and Eric is very excited to discuss “The Wounded”. Plus! They’re trying to make O’Brien happen. Will they succeed? iTunes Google …


Trekabout Episode 96: Brothers/Suddenly Human

The family train that is TNG’s fourth season rolls along with “Brothers”, where we learn why Data and Lore both look like that, and “Suddenly Human,” where we learn what happens when someone stabs Picard in the chest. Spoiler: He lives. Also! Someone splatters Wesley with his cream. iTunes Google Play RSS


Trekabout Episode 92: Hollow Pursuits/The Most Toys

Star Trek: The Next Generation goes dark this week. In “Hollow Pursuits”, the flip side of the “all hugging” crew is revealed, while in “The Most Toys”, Data decides that sometimes murder is justified. It’s a good thing the Enterprise-D has such a capable counselor! iTunes Google Play RSS


Trekabout Episode 89: Yesterday’s Enterprise/The Offspring

Take heart, Treakaboutians: TNG is firing on all cylinders this week. First up, “Yesterday’s Enterprise”, which juggles about 17 different things without dropping a one, and manages to redeem the death of Tasha Yar. Then, in “The Offspring”, Data creates an android daughter, and learns to love. iTunes Google Play RSS


Trekabout Episode 78: Pen Pals/Q Who

It’s official: Richard Goodness gets really excited whenever “Written by Melinda D. Snodgrass” appears on his television. And “Pen Pals” is pretty good, what with all the interpersonal angst and Prime Directive drama. It’s not as good as “Q Who”, but that’s a tall order, so we’ll let it slide. Also! Richard thinks the Borg …


Trekabout Episode 75: The Measure of a Man/The Dauphin

Oh my god, do The Crappy Years (TM) of Star Trek: The Next Generation ever, ever end? This week, we’re faced with “The Measure of a Man”, which… oh. Oh thank Jesus. It’s actually good. Then, we talk about “The Dauphin”, which… oh come on, TNG. You can’t give us “The Measure of a Man” …


Trekabout Episode 73: Loud As a Whisper/The Schizoid Man

Because “Loud As a Whisper” deals with the aftereffects of a man grappling with the loss of his personhood, i.e., he’s attracted to Troi, Eric takes it upon himself to yell at Richard for several minutes because Richard quite enjoyed “The Schizoid Man”, thank you very much. Also! Pulaski is still awful. iTunes Google Play …


Trekabout Episode 64: Datalore/Angel One

Star Trek loves itself some duology, and The Next Generation is no exception. In “Datalore”, Eric Brasure and Richard Goodness discover that Data has a “brother”, and, well… he’s kind of a dick. In “Angel One”, we discover that women in power are kind of dicks. Plus! Data has a dick. Oh boy, does Data …