Trekabout Episode 120: The Inner Light/Time’s Arrow

Someone out there in the galaxy must have a problem with Picard. First he gets assimilated by the Borg, causing massive psychological damage. Now he gets brain-kidnapped by an alien probe in “The Inner Light”, causing massive psychological damage. Later, in “Time’s Arrow”, Samuel Clemens proves that massive psychological damage is no indication that one can’t …


Trekabout Episode 108: Redemption II/Darmok

Eric and Richard, in front of the mics. Worf and Gowron, in the High Council. Picard and Sela, in the observation lounge. Picard, on the planet. “Redemption II” and “Darmok”, on a podcast. Trekabout, at rest. iTunes Google Play RSS


Trekabout Episode 99: Final Mission/The Loss

There are a couple of TNG characters disliked by most people. One of them, Wesley Crusher, gets a fitting send-off in “Final Mission”, as it’s annoying and wears out it welcome pretty quickly. The other character, Counselor Troi, gets a not-so-fitting character episode with “The Loss”, which continues her characterization as a irrational shrew. It’s too bad Marina Sirtis …


Trekabout Episode 96: Brothers/Suddenly Human

The family train that is TNG’s fourth season rolls along with “Brothers”, where we learn why Data and Lore both look like that, and “Suddenly Human,” where we learn what happens when someone stabs Picard in the chest. Spoiler: He lives. Also! Someone splatters Wesley with his cream. iTunes Google Play RSS


Trekabout Episode 91: Captain’s Holiday/Tin Man

This week, on The Golden Girls of Star Trek: “Captain’s Holiday”: Picard (Patrick Stewart) needs a vacation and the crew of the Enterprise convince him to go to Risa, where he has an unexpected adventure. Saturday, 8PM EST “Tin Man”: Tam Elbrun (guest star Harry Groener) visits the Enterprise, where he’s intrigued by Data and …


Trekabout Episode 90: Sins of the Father/Allegiance

Richard Goodness is starting to get pretty excited about Klingons, and Eric Brasure doesn’t get it, which is a problem, since “Sins of the Father” is all about Klingon politics and honor and ZZZZZZZ. Later, in “Allegiance”, a clone of Picard wreaks sexy havok throughout the Enterprise-D. iTunes Google Play RSS


Trekabout Episode 77: Time Squared/The Icarus Factor

If you ever wondered what would happen if the writing staff of TNG completely forgot the entirety of Picard’s characterization and made him into a milquetoast, you’re in luck, because “Time Squared” does that very thing. Later, the cast of Thirtysomething drops by for an episode, to help Riker deal with his daddy issues, in …


Trekabout Episode 62: The Battle/Hide and Q

This week’s Trekabout finds us learning new things about our intrepid adventurers. In “The Battle”, we learn that Picard might be going senile because he doesn’t remember inventing a starship maneuver so famous it’s taught in Starfleet Academy. Later, in “Hide and Q”, we get to discover that Geordi is attracted to Wesley Crusher. Plus! …