Trekabout Episode 12: A Taste of Armageddon/This Side of Paradise

Dr. McCoy is enjoying a beverage.

You know, Richard is weird. When war is maintained artificially, as in “A Taste of Armageddon”, he’s all for it, but when happiness is artificially created and maintained, as in “This Side of Paradise”, he’s all for that, too. It’s a good thing Eric is here to temper that insanity with a long monologue about Vulcan society. Plus! A bonus discussion about Gene Roddenberry’s cheating ways.


Trekabout Episode 11: The Return of the Archons/Space Seed

Dr. McCoy, having a conversation.

“The Return of the Archons” is a lot like Richard’s Saturday nights: an explosion of violence and sex culminating in frustration and computer problems. “Space Seed” is a lot like Eric’s Saturday nights: quiet, but with an undercurrent of forceful evil. Eventually they both end, though, just like these episodes. Good thing they’re both pretty good, right?


Trekabout Episode 10: Tomorrow Is Yesterday/Court Martial

Kirk comforts someone.

This week, we spend a lot of time talking about Starfleet uniforms, the operating agency of the Enterprise (is it Starfleet or UESPA? Questions!), and when exactly Star Trek is supposed to be set. I mean, do you really expect us to spend time discussing the plot details of “Tomorrow Is Yesterday” and “Court Martial”? How silly of you. Go make chairs.


Trekabout Episode 9: The Squire of Gothos/Arena

Spock and Uhura read together.

So here’s the thing: Richard Goodness thinks that “The Squire of Gothos” is the opposite of “The Corbomite Maneuver”. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t like the episode, though, as evidenced by his love of Uhura playing the harpsichord. At least we think it’s a harpsichord. Kirk probably wishes he had a harpsichord to beat the Gorn captain to death with in “Arena”, but he has to settle for fashioning a cannon out of spare parts provided to him by yet another race of All Powerful Space Dicks. Plus! Richard doesn’t like CGI.


Trekabout Episode 8: Shore Leave/The Galileo Seven

Dr. McCoy, with some friends.

What would you do if were trapped on a pleasure planet where your thoughts come alive? A lot of sex, that is a correct answer, very good. Unfortunately, the crew of the USS Enterprise do boring things like find guns under rocks and beat up college rivals, in “Shore Leave”, one of our episodes this week. We follow it up with a spirited discussion of the emotions of command in “The Galileo Seven”. We don’t talk about the giant dicks that giants would have, but we have no idea why we don’t. Plus! Spock doesn’t believe in burying people.


Trekabout Episode 7: Balance of Terror/The Conscience of the King

Captain Kirk has a problem.

Hey everyone, Eric here. Look, I know you’re all going to be upset, but Richard has a controversial opinion about “Balance of Terror”. It’s upsetting, I realize, but I’ll help you through it. If it helps, neither one of us cares much for “The Conscience of the King”, so that’s got to count for something, right? Plus! Richard doesn’t know what technobabble is.


Trekabout Episode 6: The Corbomite Maneuver/The Menagerie Parts 1 and 2

Balok, chillin'.

On this episode of Trekabout, Eric Brasure and Richard Goodness examine three episodes of Star Trek: “The Corbomite Maneuver”, and “The Menagerie” Parts 1 and 2. Richard continues his quixotic quest to convince the world that Sulu is secretly gay, and Eric tries to convince Richard that the kind thing isn’t always the good thing. He just hopes Richard remembers this come Christmastime.


Trekabout Episode 5: Miri/Dagger of the Mind

Spock is worried.

This week, Eric Brasure and Richard Goodness discuss the lack of cell phone service on alternate Earths and the science of penology by examining the episodes “Miri” and “Dagger of the Mind”. The former also finally allows Richard to indulge in his vociferous hatred of children. Plus! Richard has a cold, so you get to hear him snort a lot. Sorry about that, listener.


Trekabout Episode 4: Mudd’s Women/What Are Little Girls Made Of?

Captain Kirk, with a rock.

In this episode of Trekabout, Eric Brasure tries to convince Richard Goodness that androids can’t love, and Richard Goodness tries to convince Eric Brasure that Dr. Chakwas from the Mass Effect series is not a lesbian. Also, they spend an inordinate amount of time discussing how Richard is dumb for refusing to read pre-80s science fiction. Man, Mudd’s Women” and What Are Little Girls Made Of? are real stinkers, aren’t they?


Trekabout Episode 3: The Naked Time/The Enemy Within

Sulu is pretty intense.

This week, Eric Brasure and Richard Goodness discuss The Naked Time and The Enemy Within“. Eric explains the origins of Vulcans, Richard longs for tribbles, and they argue about Sulu’s subtext sexuality. A lot. Loudly. Seriously, we’re sorry. We can’t promise it won’t happen again, because we don’t want to promise never to do it again. Also! A bonus argument about rape.