Trekabout Episode 173: Second Skin/The Abandoned

It’s gray alien week on Trekabout! In “Second Skin”, Cardassians kidnap Major Kira and try to convince her she’s one of them. In “The Abandoned”, Quark finds a Jem’Hadar baby and Odo tries to convince him he doesn’t have to kill. Plus! Remember Worf? Boy, he was a shitty father, right? iTunes Google Play RSS


Trekabout Episode 172: The House of Quark/Equilibrium

In “The House of Quark”, we’re treated to a Klingon comedy of manners with Quark at its center. In “Equilibrium”, we’re treated to one of those dour 1970s conspiracy movies with Dax at its center. Plus! Keiko and Miles sure do love each other, don’t they? iTunes Google Play RSS

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Trekabout Episode 171: The Search, Part I/The Search, Part II

After the explosive reveal that there are dark forces at work in the Gamma Quadrant, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine wastes no time in piling on even more surprising revelations, in “The Search, Part I” and “The Search Part II”. Support us on Patreon iTunes Google Play RSS