Trekabout Episode 160: Cardassians/Melora

Garak is back! The imaginatively titled “Cardassians” delves deeper into the, uh, Cardassian occupation of Bajor by asking the question: why did they bring their children to the equivalent of a planet-wide concentration camp? Later, in “Melora”, DS9 argues strongly that disabled people are people, which we guess maybe was controversial in 1993 or something? …


Trekabout Episode 159: The Siege/Invasive Procedures

Starting off its second season with a three-part story was a daring choice for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, but was it necessary? “The Siege” says, kinda? Later, in “Invasive Procedures”, Dax sits around in her own episode (again.) Plus! A controversial statement about Babylon 5. iTunes Google Play RSS


Trekabout Episode 158: The Homecoming/The Circle

After an… uneven start, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine launches its second season with an audacious multi-part storyline about Bajoran politics. In “The Homecoming”, Kira and O’Brien go on a mission to rescue a Bajoran POW. Later, in “The Circle”, shit gets real. We guess this really isn’t Star Trek: The Next Next Generation! iTunes …


Trekabout Episode 153: The Nagus/Vortex

The first episode in a long line of horribleness that stretches across all seven seasons of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine in a nearly interminable fashion, “The Nagus” undoes all the great work Armin Shimmerman has been doing as Quark and turns him into a Ferengi. Then, in “Vortex”, Odo solves another murder mystery. What is that, four already? iTunes Google …